Being Remembered

Being Remembered🧘‍♀️✍️📚

I wouldn’t mind being remembered;
Wouldn’t mind having an influence.
Must it be vanity?
It doesn’t feel ike vanity,
More like a sanity,
It being more a pyre to prepare a sharing,
Maybe teach ongoing insight
With its own ongoing fire
From the knowledge that I’m small,
Don’t know it all,
A pulse and impulse from within that shouts,
Will out,
Beat quietly in word,
Wanting somehow to be heard
When I myself have died all dead.

Being Remembered 12.14.2018 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Christmas Greeting: You’re Never Alone

Dear anyone of any religion, any holiday – anytime during the year. For you.

A Christmas Greeting🎄🧘‍♀️⛄️
(Thoughts inspired by the fact of the many that are alone at Christmas.)

You’re Never Alone

I’ve written you are born, live, die alone:
A bubble, unit, oneness, monad.
On the toilet, in the bed, trillion atoms in your head
“United by their filaments to form a group.”*
Now I tell you otherwise.
Is what I said illusionized?
The truth of it
Sits in the multi-size
Of Word.

I’ve said we are a monad, one;
A simple entity such as an atom or a person.**

This being true on every level:
Biochemical, cerebral
We but grope, we hope, we soap ourselves
In suds of sorrow – isolated.

Whoosh, it’s but to alter view,
Idea’s perspective.
There’s a commonness t’ween me and you.
You’re capable of doing it,
Our minds determining what truth we see.

Accompanied by company
Or vague, irrational ‘aloneness in a crowd’;
Unseen or seen, silent, loud
It is our minds that form reality.

People care.
They’re there
Somewhere and everywhere
To touch your arm, take your despair,
Create endorphin, oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin:
Collectively the Happy Hormone***
Giving capability to, ‘Happy to be on your own’
Joined synapses, neurotransmitters
In a happy get together,
Body/soul a whole lot better!

*Botanical reference
** See Leibniz.
***proven fact.
A Christmas Greeting 12,9,2018 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin


A little off-the-wall thought perhaps, but a sincere response to today’s transience.

Who thinks of dignity!
In poetry
It’s usually
Outcries of sensation, passion,
Sentiment – its -ality.
Without the dignified nobility
Elevating inspiration’s stimulus.
One muses:
Muses on the concept of
How to express all the above
With gravitas.

One studies self, one cerebrates
(not to be mixed with celebrates).
One muses on the Muse involved,
The verse unsolved, idea too.

Muse of poetry: Erato, Calliope, Euterpe…
One asks them in.
Six of nine may stand aside,
Not yet the brides
Of poet’s art.
You never know what part they may
Portray one day
Within the art and artist.

One ought to coax and never scold
The young and old
With their devices of today
Which ‘get it out’ the speedy way –
To set their lightning on ‘delayed’,
Set their sights on permanence,
Put instagrams and facebooks
Into real books with real paper,
All else a modern caper –
Here today and gone tomorrow.

What you do and what you say
Should have a value in the morrow,
In its soul a dignity,
Worthy of esteem
In fortunes’s fullness of good time.

Dignity 12.8.2018 the Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Circling Round Everything #2 2018

Circling Round Everything #2

What a charming happenstance!
Happy chance!
Twenty eighteen, book eighteen.
To get this out,
What will it be about?
Don’t know,
But I’ve been crowing
Like a maniac, a lunatic;
Known in better circles as enthusiastic,
Crazy about poetry –
Let us say, creating it.

The whole year long, as good as daily:
Unpretentious, chatty, gayly,
Full of idiom and slang,
Language common, language spoken,
Token jargon,
Arlene Corwin’s origin.

Yet like Dante Alighieri,
Layered: yin and yang,
Intense and prescient
Yet detached. Discerning,
Simple, perspicacious, riotous
Funny and absurd;
At times, confessionally worried.

All year long, I’ve pierced balloons
In order to expel delusions,
The illusions duping us.
Book eighteen
Circles around everything
That’s One at bottom.

Circling Round Everything #2 12.7, 2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Never Out Of Season

Never Out Of Season* 😇🌈

Such a phrase!
What, just what is never that?
We’ll start:
Good wishes, beauty,
Appetising dishes,
Sweetly carried out: a duty
Carried through with loving care
Because it’s there
And just because…

What else in force?
Love, of course
Reinforced by ceaseless acts
Of kindness, generous in fact
And deed,
Not a hint of ego greed.

Countless actions,
Motivations, efforts
Making sport and adding play
Unto the day’s awakening
Until its sleep has taken you
To slumberland.

Never out of season:
Self-evolution: Christian
Or Confucian,
Or the distribution
Of the thousand doctrines
Of belief;
The thousand art forms in relief.

Such a seasoning!
The spice that adds deliciousness
To reasoning, behind which nothing’s won,
All good’s begun, is done,
And whereupon
All undertaking’s turned into a kind of fun.
Never out of season
Is all wish filled with compassion.

*phrase suggested by Robert Kowynia
Never Out Of Season 12.6.2018 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

Ought Bathe In Sorrow?

Working it through.

Ought One Bathe In Sorrow?🤔✍️🌈

Ought one bathe in sorrow,
Or let sorrow fade
Without a fading ‘way in sorrow?

Ought one bathe in sorrow
Or let sorrow fade
Transformed to something other?
Smother sorrow
Or coordinate its feelings
Into strength that lies within?
A needy ego never breaks away
From its own needy skin.

In sorrow one can reach inchmeal
Brand-new, unfamiliar skill
Horizons, wisdom, will,
Intuition and cognition
Of the fragile, individual condition;

Knowledge that the sun comes up and sets,
Knowing from itself what gets
It going, glowing, showing up for us to use
With gifts that never lose their power,
Showering receiver with a donor,
Donor with receiver.

Sorrow time is time for seeing;
For relating in- to out-er;
Sorrow has a duty
To reshape activity,
See what’s truly
The wholeness of it all.

Sorrow time is time to tell
The difference between what you know
From what you don’t until
A time when you are there one (unimagined) day
When you know all.

Ought one to bathe in sorrow?
No and no and no.

Ought One Bathe In Sorrow? Draft 2 12.3.2018 Birth, Death & I Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin

A Death In Families (corrected typos)

I was intuitively drawn to record yesterdays passing of Kent’s beloved daughter Pia, 54.

A Death In Families
Many died December one, twenty eighteen:
Babies starved in Yemen.
A president, protesters, rioters,
Yet, and yet one death came nearer, dearer
Which we felt and feel
Longer, deeper, real-er
Than the global multitude.

It does, but shouldn’t.
Shouldn’t but it does.
So, one but throws
The end into the emptiness
Of universes’ possibilities:
Hopes, faith, wishes – and acceptance
To reduce the stress of sorrow,
Day’s tomorrow,
Back to normalcy as soon as tears can slow,
Never knowing what can be
For you, them, we
Without the warning of a morning.

There will be a time for mourning;
Funerals, a getting rid of overflows,
Clothes, what-not,
Things got throughout the years.
There will be time for letting tears,
Contemplating fears denied.

So on December two
Life will go on, plants grow, snow snow,
The Arctic melt in climate change,
Corruption, goodness interchange
With not a winner.
One will once again ignore
Aridity and wetnesses,
The multitude of witnesses,
Attempting as before
To focus on the battered Earth,
A bettered Self,
A more inclusive view of Death.

A Death In Families 12.2.2018 Birth, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin

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