How Are You Today?

 How Are You Today?

Volcanos are waking;
Villages shaking.
My husband and I
Had our second shot yesterday.
Me, I have questions concerning bacilli.
Aways the bad mixed with good, good with bad.
While lying in bed
Learning lots from TV,
All that’s around me,
Patiently waiting to see any side effects;
When, and or if…

Friends on the phone,
Themselves all alone:
Some CoVid and sick-ish, some fine,
Some immune.

All is in movement:
My cat at the moment.
Icebergs and soil,
Men drilling for oil;
Out of one’s hands, much unpreventable
Maybe the whole.

All that I wonder propped up as I lay,
Head on three pillows, is how, really how
Are you feeling today?

How Are You Today? 4.10.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Words To Love: Interconnection

 Words To Love: Interconnection 

Crisis after crisis: interconnected.
Deeds apparent or invisible: connected.
Phases, patterns unalike, yet linked and ‘synched’*
With Laws pertaining.
Do not question, and be certain:
Every force contains its obverse.
Things expand and then contract –
Bodies, flowers – all its contacts…

Interacting constantly, the powers of reality;
Related somehow, here and now.
And so, we reconstruct, re-form;
Nature forming forms forever.

Adapting and accommodating,
Interacting and connecting,
Thus, collecting and correcting
Continent by continent.
Intra-, inter- without end.

short for synchronised

Words to Love: Interconnection 4.18.2021 Circling Round Reality;Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

The God Question

 The God Question 

Why the papers scientific:
Guidelines; ordering the havoc;
Logic looking yet for more:
What can and is the unexplored.

Take affection’s definition:
Not an easy one to home in on;
Take theologies:
Fusions of the theories
Of thinkers, mystics, visionaries –
They who’ve always been – oft’ hidden,
Metaphor their only language.

It is said; “My Father’s house has many mansions”
Fine-tuned functions unlike ours;
Or, is it that they are also tuned to mortal powers?

Devotees of Christian thought
Have rarely sought another’s vision.
God can’t care, He’s always been,
Knows the ropes. Made the ropes!
Not always in accord with hopes.
That we consider of importance
For what we conciser of importance
Is an insolence, an ignorance Of God’s dispassion –
Absolute’s indifferent nonchalance and essence.

When you seek the ‘infinite’ and ‘ultimate’
Consider what is Absolute:
First Creator, laws of nature;
Forces that don’t disappear.

Always two: the smooth, the friction;
Yin and Yang of every action –
All with heads and tails of coin:
The God debate can never end.
For every foe is also friend.

The God Question 1.12.2015/re-written 2.8.2016/re-written 4.15.2021 God Book II; Circling Round Everything II;Arlene Nover Corwin

Pain Is Such A ‘Pain’

    Pain Is Such A ‘Pain’

Besides discomfort, pain’s a pest;
A nuisance, bother, hinder,
At its worst or best
A hurt that quashes thinking’s process:
On the list of inconvenience highest.

Common idioms in use:
‘Pain the neck’ ‘pain in the ass’.
Vulgar yes, but two most graphic!
To be optimistic,
Usually, it takes a rest;
Not long, perhaps, but any pause
Is better than no pause at all,
The standstill most appreciated.

If it’s un-retreating, un-vacating, un-evacuatable,
Make a vehicle that’s readable –
And write!

Pain Is Such A Pain 4.14.2021 I Is always You Is We; Circling Round Experience;Arlene Nover Corwin

Writing From the Place You’re At

Writing From The Place You’re At

If you’re living in the Now,
Defining and refining
With a sense of movement-in-the-present,
Then your writing will become
A mirror of that present,
You a better writing woman/man – yes, person.
That’s a a gift! A real present!

Moment’s thought may feel too trifling
To put out into the world, but listen!
No thought is so meaningless
As not to hurl into the swirl of word
Poetic brainwaves others have not also shared.

That is why the “I is always you is we.”*
The marvel being ‘you’ is always you,
Your writing yours and no one else’s:
You, the content, style, form.
Catch the moment: carpe diem!
As the hundred zillion galaxies do this second,
You’ll expand,
A guarantee long earned, confirmed!

Writing From the Place You’re At 4.13.2021 Definitely Didactic II; I Is Always You Is Me; The Processes: Creative, thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

“I Is Always You Is We.”* the title of a one of my collections and coming book.

A Fragment Of Infinity

A Fragment Of Infinity

Another documentary:
Scarcely elementary, but charged with energy.
Theme: astro-cartography.
Humans working nights and days
To map the stars and galaxies,
Which mapped this moment, are eight thousand.
Multi-universes moving outward
At four hundred thirty thousand miles per second…
Yes, per second!
A small part of the great whole
A dwarfish fraction of them all.

In any case, I had an image:
Galaxies drawn by the laws
That govern us, that are our own:
Magnetism, gravity, movement, change,
Known, the speculated and unknown.
There I saw into my brain so much in common.
I connected with the ‘there’
Feeling that the laws out there
Paralleled the mechanistic warehouse
I could use for more awareness
Of my personal existence.

All my zillion cells attracting light
By some magnetic force and might.
I drew it to myself in thought,
Imagining the links of insight
Reaching me.
I felt it come immediately;
Some form of it anyway.

I am a fragment of infinity,
Galactic laws defining this
Small lady’s universe
Exactly as they do in endless space.

Fragment Of Infinity 4.11.2021 Circling Round Everything II; Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; The Processes: Creative, Thinking Meditative II; Arlene Corwin Corwin

In Praise Of…

These are my special favourites.

   In Praise of…

Recipes, cookbooks, mixers;
Dictionaries; word elixirs;
Interviews, biographies;
Points of views, their energies;
Persevering in their style,
Creative people;
Individuality; virtues, sympathy;
(Doctors who have those a-plenty,
Synthesizing symptoms many –
Unrelated, seemingly.)

Warming water from a tap;
Living things that crawl and creep;
Sleep that really is a sleep!
Senses three, four, five, six, seven
Weaving in degrees of heaven;
Imitation based on hope:
Skills unlimited in scope.

Naturally and finally,
All things that donate to love.
That’s the stuff to be in praise of.

In Praise Of… 4.7.2021Circling Round Experience; Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Passing On Experience

Passing On Experience

Passing through as in a cloud;
Passing on to all the crowd
By passing out free tickets
Transferred, shared;
Life intention, sentience,
And the Law of – well, Experience.

Passing On Experience 4.6.2021 Life, Death & In Between III; Arlene Nover Corwin


“I never doubt the qualities of God. When I meditate, (which I try to do whenever I’m not speaking) I have these qualities as a kind of mantra each of which I focus on individually, taking them into myself as completely as I can at the time. After all, they are God’s. They are: peace, power, purity, knowledge, love and bliss. Purity was a hard one for me for a long time. But I understand the process better now. As regards it, I’m aware, for example, how many layered it is, and how so much it led up to my, shall we say, fingerlessness, involving, as it does so many different kinds of choices on the way. Just a small example. Nowadays I’ve also begun to take into the whole of my brain ‘light’ – not as a concept but as a kind of literal and visual process.. Although a verbal being, I’ve never had much of a visual talent.”


I never doubt God’s qualities:
Doubt aways there somewhere –
But I suppress it (as one should)
Because it does no good.

A thinking brain invaluable,
It wants the best,
Works while it rests,
Retreats not
When we eat or sleep.
Has multi-synapses of neurons deep;

It, a force, of course,
For every power has a source,
A course,
And cause is force
Of one kind or another.

So I take the bother
To reflect and weigh,
Meditate throughout the day
Ponder, wonder, analyze,
Musing, using inner eyes,
Chat, think, ask,
Use every task
As means to reach
The endgame beach,
Teaching the brain where it should aim.
The qualities I use for that have names:
Power, purity & peace,
Knowledge, love & happiness.
Simply put,
Repress your doubt
And try it out.
It cannot hurt
One little bit.

Ruminating 4.5.2021 Circling Round Reality; To the Child Mystic II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

The I Form

     The I Form

Some like it, some do not.
Some avoid it, voiding it
Into the well of meekness, weakness;
Too confessional to speak.
I was one of them,
Sometimes still am.
The ego’s always there with shame.

If the theme is terribly self-biographic,
Graphic, sexual…
Then ‘’i’ becomes ’one’, ‘he’ or ‘she’.
Usually, I don’t need privacy
But like to share a message
Writ as poetry,
Assumption being ‘we’
Is always you and me –
Same experiences,
Feelings, senses…
All that differs is the tongue.
Behind it all, one song that’s sung,
Pearls of life strung on one string,
The common gong of simply being.
Let us share the ‘I’ form bravely!
I is always you is we.

The ‘I’ Form 4.4.2021 I Is Always You Is We; Arlene Nover Corwin

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