How Are You Today?

 How Are You Today?

Volcanos are waking;
Villages shaking.
My husband and I
Had our second shot yesterday.
Me, I have questions concerning bacilli.
Aways the bad mixed with good, good with bad.
While lying in bed
Learning lots from TV,
All that’s around me,
Patiently waiting to see any side effects;
When, and or if…

Friends on the phone,
Themselves all alone:
Some CoVid and sick-ish, some fine,
Some immune.

All is in movement:
My cat at the moment.
Icebergs and soil,
Men drilling for oil;
Out of one’s hands, much unpreventable
Maybe the whole.

All that I wonder propped up as I lay,
Head on three pillows, is how, really how
Are you feeling today?

How Are You Today? 4.10.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

The Good Leader, Or No One’s Perfect

The Good Leader or, No One Is Perfect

The one who leads is he or she who’s
Modest, willing to concede,
Recede, all without the need
To be involved as ego
But concerned that others grow.
A sense of humour never hurts.
It doesn’t disconcert but generates relationship
That animates and stimulates,
Culminating in a healthier result for all,
Reverberating off each wall.

The leader ought to want the best for all involved.
Earned, or learned?
Perhaps it comes with years,
Since all roads lead to Rome.
Let us assume it zooms in
On the meaning of ‘to lead’
The creed of knowledge, care
And love in sharing.

Leader has no leading urge,
But dominates by listening
With some sharp instinctive ear and surge
That doesn’t judge, yet judges right
Not in the short but long run.
(S)he has insight, knows (s)he’s not the sun
But brightens by a presence.
It is something most around can sense;
No Mensa member, for intelligence
Has many faces, many facets like a diamond
Or a passion with soft-heartedness.
A soft sell that goes well
(Truth to tell)
Most of the time.
The Good Leader 10.15.2018/10.15.2021 Revelations Big & Small; Arlene Nover Corwin



If we agree that life is change, I’ve changed,
Details of details noted, acted ‘pon,
Pausing, hesitation gone.
Much less youthful, much more truthful;
Tears from sensitivity;
Nature’s metamorphic beauty;
Cruelty, the climate, oil,TV;
And so I eat less meat, salt, sweets…
Not mine but world events –
The ones that make no sense;
Patterns universal, shift of fears…
Leaders and their prejudices.
Not much there to cheer about.
We are so easily caught up in it,
This composite of merge and split.

Nothing new, and yet we act as if there’s fact,
Attracting and enacting contacts and so on…
The reason?
Every new generation,
Points of view, new born,
Experience nil, none had, seen, done.
So it goes on; change and new fashion.

Poetess and thinker I, give warning to
The tiny readership called you.
Nothing stays the same or stays in time.
There is no more to say this rhyme.
There is no more than change.
Embrace it.

Change 10.10.2021 Circling Round Everything II;; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin


I hope this doesn’t feel too preachy. It suddenly feels like survival and a ‘must’ to express.


Water without salt;
Our ‘allt’*
In the headlines nowadays.
(It was once brushed away)
Salt-free water in abundance,
( it was once)
Disappearing without end.

With no water there to borrow for tomorrow,
Or to lend to lands who’s sorrow
Is the higher,
One can’t help but ponder:
Five/six oceans in abundance,
One can’t help but wonder;
There’s technology to rearrange
The molecules from salt to fresh;
Why not use this prize of promise
To de-salenize, desalinate?
It’s not too late

With no excuse
To use expense as the excuse.
You do not have to be a fool
To guess that greed’s the tool that rules
the roost.
As Greta said so daringly, “how dare you!”
Make cost alibi!
The earth is on its way to die,
And you who have the funds deny
The planet of a key:
Water, saline free!
What more can one mortal say?
Water 8.13.2021 Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin
*allt’ Swedish: everything

When I Woke This Morning

When I Woke This Morning

When I woke this morning
I was glad to be awake.
Glad to be awake just for the sake of it,
Take the energy available
And do a thing of two with it.
When I woke this morning
It was great!

Yesterday was different.
It was something I’d not felt before;
No elation,
Just a bag of I-dont-have-a-word-for…
Depression? A deflation?
Couldn’t find a meaning or a motivation.

It’s the meds I’ve had to take, I’m sure,
Since my mild heart attack, poor me!
I had to use the tools acquired
After eighty something years of living, sieving.
I can’t let myself be mired in that state once more.
It opens doors I never want unbarred.

Energy; a memory capacity of day before – and day before.
Cheerfulness, optimism, looking forwards…
That is what the mornings should consist of:
Playfulness cavorting;
Nothing less than rest and love.
When I Woke this Morning 10.7.2021 Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

Who Is That Girl?


Who Is that Girl?

She doesn’t look like me –
Features changing day by day.
She has a sense of what is funny,
Yet her inner self is fixed on
Expiry and passing on; curtains, luck,
Kicking the bucket:
Startings, middles, ends.

Though still with much to write;
Vitality in mind and thought,
Scribbles in each room and spot,
(the world throughout)
Anywhere or place that’s flat.

She sings, but throat protests;
Plays with fingers less;
Eaten all there is to eat,
Met the ones most want to meet,
Made love, been loved,
Experienced the One above,
Had bits of fame…ambition’s game:
Now it’s enough!
The mirror, body tell the truth.
Raising points not needed dealing with,
May not have answers;
Ends of mouth that travel south;
Muscles that were firm in youth;
Soft, smaller, weaker.
Age, the Speaker of the House.

Who is she?
That’s right, she’s me.

Who Is That Girl? 10.6.2021 Pure Nakedness II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Listening From Within

     Listening From Within

I am so happy that and when you read my verse.
I have no game in mind,
No need for fame or aim at money.
I seem to need to rhyme ideas,
Connect by pulsed analysis and scrutiny,
Digging deep into the word,
Building, adding to what’s heard:
Phenomenon a strange propensity,
Leading of itself to artistry,
Increased ability, sharpened brain:
Quelle mystery!

Forms contort audaciously;
Play and pluck, spunk and guts;
Fears from sundry sources lessen,
Fade away, cease, soon forgotten.

Processes of growth have oaths their own.
The search for beauty and for truth
What lies beneath each metric stone.

Listening from within
Means learning from without,
Doubts shouting, shooting out,
Correction and dissection ever present.
Mind and hand each instrument…
So, If I may;
That is why
I am so happy
That and when my poetry
Is, speaking simply,

Listening From Within 10.3.2021 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Your Duty To Survive

Your Duty To Survive

We cling to life.
The ship goes down,
We struggle to get through, hold on, hold out;
It’s more than merely sticking round.
We want to last, endure;
Live longer than statistical years before us.
Though a workaday experience
We sense it is a benediction,
Though we know not why.
We live in spite of difficulty,
For ‘gainst all odds there’s life and breath,
Choice of path,
The wonderful phenomenon of faith.

Could these be accidental?
We want works, our families,
Our worlds enhanced, advanced.
Why this endurance,
This one chance at one more day?
You give the answer,
(for it’s you who have it).
Your Duty To Survive 10.2.2021 Circling Round Everything II; Arlene Nover Corwin


It’s Amazing

     It’s Amazing

What’s amazing?
That a body which we take for granted
Changes in a minute’s second.
Nose, ear, heart;
Parts identifiable or not;
Unseen parts that smart,
Which of a sudden,
Ligament and vein unreckoned,
Each condition, known, unknown to body’s self
We stand amazed;
We cave, amazed and fazed,
No weapons there to freeze the state –
A phase, we hope.
The scope of nature limitless.
We watch in expectation, dazed,
Because we thought we’d always be
The same unchanged and youthful me.

From G. B. Shaw, his mind and tongue
Who understood life’s short and long, life’s evensong
‘…Youth is wasted on the young’.
A pity.
It’s Amazing 9.29.2021 Circling Round Ageing; Nature Of & In Reality; Arlene Nover Corwin

From A Meditator To Every Fellow Meditator (and those who wish to be)

  From A Meditator To Every Fellow Meditator
           (and those who wish to be)

Everyday, every room,
Every poem and every syndrome;
Every small and large place;
Every action, every space:
In the bed, at the sink,
Washing dishes, cooking one ingredient;
On the loo:
My meditating places since year ’72.
Meditating throws the mind in,
Up and down;
Contemplating concepts:
Peace and purity,
Power, knowledge, love, bliss:
The nature of reality.
Or simply chatting with your God
Through mind,
For mind is all we’ve got.
If then you are wondering what it’s about:
Yes, it certainly has much effect.
From A Meditator To Every Fellow Meditator 9.23.2021 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Climates Change, While…

Climates Change, While…

Rains in torrents,
Great volcanoes.
Heat waves,
Droughts and sea waves…
Changes happening in slow advances.
All one’s chances of survival –
Choices, treasures, pleasures,
All the measures of success
Erased, erasing.
Sacred scriptures writ, collected,
Are they, are they all correct?
Perhaps if we can just stop f—k—g,
Stop increasing, mucking up
The global figures;
Stop expanding and collecting!
Can we slow it down, at least,
This bestial-lc self-corrupting?
Let us pray and let us try;
Love our selves and planet nobly.
Life is worth it.
Earth, its tiny girth worth troubling,
Doubly working on the effort.
Climates Change, While…9.22.2021Our Times, Our Culture II; Arlene Nover Corwin

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