Everything (Is) A Point In Space

Everything (Is) A Point In Space 2020

Everything is a point in space,
Related to a point in space;
Nothing far,
Nothing near,
All things relative to here
Or there or then.
Not just to here or when,
Or yes, how long.

Tonality’s keynote song
Has contrast-worth,
All on earth non-absolute.

Enter point, enter center,
No obstructing intercepter
But a center and a center of said centers,
(even centers have a center
As a point in space
Un-erased by laws of time).

At the root, I have surmised,
There is no friction and no bias.
Or is it a pious fiction,
Science fiction’s pie-in-sky?

Everything A Point In Space 9.7.2002/ re-composed 4.4.2020
Nature In & Of Reality; To The Child Mystic; Circling Round Science;
Arlene Corwin

The Absolute Greatest Mystery

The Absolute & Greatest Mystery

If there is a force that is
A force that has no force behind it;
One that is and only is,
It must be
Absolute and absolutely
The most prized uncertainty
To solve, get close to, pierce and know,
For at this moment being only
Trust and hope.

There have existed, even now
Both women, men, child uncommon
Who, through chain of fate and gene
Have felt first-hand,
The mystic Hand, the magic wand
Of coming face to face with Law.
In other words, who saw
The force dubbed Lord, God, Word;
The lauded way and means Supreme,
Giving rise to loud esteem or wordless awe.

Thus, and but, and hence, and so,
The question with the loudest clang:
The Bang behind the first Big Bang! ⚡️💥🌟💨

The Absolute & Greatest Mystery 4.3.2020 God Book; Nature Of & In Reality; Circling Round Reality; ToThe Child Mystic II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic

Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic

Faith is a chemical dynamic!
Affecting cells, making them fresh:
(The celestial and flesh)
Not dogma, pact, pledge or cant,
The brain engrained in wish and want,
A door awaits to open wide,
With you the bride or groom inside.

Faith sanctifies.
It unifies, systematizing without system,
Sees the thread in things uncommon,
Making fractions into one.
It always gives an added power,
Energy beyond the hour;
Puts a slant on everything,
(Which is its strength and shortcoming.)

You never go beyond its vision,
Never get beyond its zone.
No clever man or master plan
Or great endeavour pulls the lever.
It’s itself a friendly law,

Specific to your wishes,
Good, bad, mad, fictitious;
Bound, a prison or capricious;
Nothing great can be erected
Without hope and trust in something:
‘any’ one thing,
Though faith is hard-defined: a question mark,
Reach for the spark,
For faith’s a chemically dynamic monarch:
One which works.

Faith Is A Chemical Dynamic 7.17.1995/revised 7.14.2019/re-entered 3.31.2020
Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic; Circling Round Science; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative II; Arlene Nover Corwin

Slowed Motion

4:07a.m. Under the covers. Flashlight for light. Handwriting definitely going to look unreadably shaky tomorrow.

Slowed Motion

Slowed motion
Gives you time to feel,
Time to observe
Instead of reeling round with verve
And upset nervous systems
Setting up a curve
That lead to nemesis.

Slowed motion is a key
To subtle brilliancy and insights
On dark nights
When flights of fancy
Fake and take…

Stomach squeezed, stomach breathed;
Jiggled hips, wriggled toes;
Who knows what? Perhaps the nose;
Elbows pressed: in, out, back, down,
Leading collarbone to fast become
A flattened beauty, which in turn
Moves shoulders, both, the one
For-, backward, in- external.
Hands supporting or at rest,
Pushing so that biceps harden.
And if you are working best,
Triceps also get their job done.

Nature’s principles in push and pulls.
Burned calories, earned benefits.
Stretches, creases, pulls, releases
Worked on in their opposites.
Managed slowly, consciously,
The slowed down works to our advantage,
For the language of the mind
Likes one thing undistracted, done,
And that, alone.

Opposites attract
And that’s a fact!

Slowed Motion 3.31.2020 Circling Round Yoga II; Circling Round Experience; Arlene Nover Corwin

Energy Can Never Be Destroyed

Energy Can Never Be Destroyed

Foremost! Such a multitude of forms!
Energy can never be destroyed.
It simply, I mean simply
Changes into throngs of power.
Where does fat go when you lose some weight?
First it goes to pee and sweat,
Some to it to eyes that tear,
For x percent is water.

No energy goes nowhere,
Force never disappearing, but transformed
Moves to another sphere.

Existence carries on.

It has, it is a quantity.
Changed in its quality
But not created or destroyed,
Hanging ‘round us near or far.
Perhaps the tummy fat you lost
Has reached a star.
Charming, that!

And so, do things you ought! anNeverBeDestroyed3.302020
Send out the best you have,
Also the worst that’s left
To shift as gift to transformation,
Dissipate and go someplace
To leave what’s left a better you.

Burn up those extra calories,
The energies, which thermal, chemical,
Nuclear, electrical, elastic, plastic,
Even gravitational all have uses:
Uses and abuses (dark and light).

Use the energy of mind.
It is the powered you supreme.
It, the best that you can find to flower will.
Thinking, moving, sitting still,
Use the treasured energy:
Your measure of the whole.
EnergyCanNeverBeDestroyed3.30.2020 Nature Of & In Reality;
Arlene Nover Corwin

Why Has Everyman Turned To Beards?

Why Has Everyman Turned To Beards?

It’s weird,
This shift to beard controlled appearance.
A trend it seems, not only spreading,
But which has no end.
Scratching when it kisses,
Missing out on blisses, I assure you.
Shaping face, I must admit,
(but not to everyman’s face-benefit).

If truth be told,
It must be hell to keep a chin/cheek fold all squeaky smooth.
But who in heavens want to hold, take hold
of bristles,
Or see badly shaped and prickly thistles?
Men have aped since lunar’s start.
Everyone knows that!
Fashion is contagious as the rabies from a bat.

Long, short, food-y flecked, unchecked,
Yet there is self-absorption’s admiration.
Let us hope the puppy generation
Growing up will razor up,
Shave every self-helped hair
Formed there (or anywhere.)
It grows unlimitedly wild.

Undefiled, I plead,
Wield the blade
And beauteously shear with care.
Brave new men, you are not cavemen!
Shave men!
One more time and once again –
Just shave!

Why Has Everyman Turned To Beards? 3.27.2020 Our Times, Our Culture II; A Sense Of The Ridiculous II; Arlene Nover Corwin

I Was Saying Silly Things

Look what I found in my book Pure Nakedness:written first 1999.
I Was Saying Silly Things

I was saying silly things, so I took a rest.
I took a rest from saying silly things.
I’d lost the knack of cracking codes,
Of penetrating life in odes
Without the accent on the four.
As you can see, the rest I sought I didn’t take,
A restless longing overtaking pause,
And still compelled to put it down,
Write phrase and clause;
However frail,
To infiltrate beyond the pale
Of ordinary vanity -the other six-
The devil and his vice-y tricks.
There’s much to sigh or cry about,
For as I sit,
My husband’s daughter’s former husband
And his father too, are lying
(One is dying)
In a hospital nearby.
Things can happen overnight.
(As I write or as God will.)
We choose to have our children
But God chooses when they die;
I refuse the lie
That lets me call things mine and my.)

I was saying silly things, bad construction in the line.
Maybe it’s come back: the depth, the poetry,
The right to write it down again,
The pondering and wondering,
The observations of the changes
Showing up and lying under
Pain, enchanted moments, joy.
Last night I saw a five-week boy,
Exquisite from his head to toe.
From day to day I go around observing change.
All I can say is, life is strange;
That underneath one must believe
(There is no way one can perceive)
That pattern’s shawl of ritual
Has truth behind each metaphor custodial,
Each myth and tale,
Each truth behind a Holy Grail:
Life’s quest, life’s life, life’s eye, life’s trail…
And I wind up saying
Rather silly things that matter, after all.

I Was Saying Silly Things 10.30.1999/revised 7.14.2014/revised again/3.26.2020
The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; A Sense Of The Ridiculous; God Book;
Arlene Corwin

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