Energy’s The Nicest Thing I Know

Energy’s The Nicest Thing I Know

Energy’s the nicest thing I know:
What to do with it comes next.
Its force deprived I hate the most –
Feels like dying at one’s post.
A well-directed will, and it is so
Creative that one needs no text.
The day’s just day;
The way reveals itself as way.

Dear cherished flame –
Used, misused, it’s there the same,
And all I want is some of it
To drip into my veins non-stop;
Calm, discriminating drift and grit
Intelligently dropping upon
World, my friends, my foe –
For it’s the nicest things I know.

©Energy’s The Nicest thing I Know 93.11.24
Nature In & Of Reality; Circling Round Energy;
Arlene Corwin

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