The Paradigms Are All Around

The Paradigms Are All Around

I don’t see
Why scientists
Don’t see the universals
That I see
When I’ve drunk one cup coffee.
Surely laws
Are mirrored
In the bergia that bloom before me,
Models of
The origin,
The energy,
The super creativity,
The end
And the beginnings, each in
The forms irrelevant,
There being no advantage in a clone.

Nature loves a species
Grounded in a one.
It doesn’t love
It loves the choreography
Of Isadora Duncan:
Movement deep inside
The psyche
Of lobelia and lupins,
Atoms bouncing; unpredictable;
The karma of the genes.
Rhododendron, columbine,
Jätte ramsar, dandelion,
Wild strawberry, spirea,
Lilacs, lilies of the valley
Wildly open in the boom of May.

I cannot fathom why,
What is so obvious to me,
The scientific spectrum
Doesn’t see.
The paradigms are all around.

© The Paradigms Are All Around 5.27.2008
Circling Round Nature; Coffee Book;
Arlene Corwin

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