Filling The Hole 2 2003

Filling The Hole

Your undertaking esoteric,

Father says, “Not economic!

You can’t make a living at it!”

You know in your heart empiric

Someone does. You’re categoric;

Facts historic. Rise may not be meteoric,

But there’s someone there who needs it!

Somewhere out there someone wants it!

Someone’s willing to support you,

Keep a roof over your head,

Pay for food and baby’s bed.

If you keep on doing what you’re doing,

Leaning toward and on your gifts, eschewing

This and that that earns more money,

Go for it! As loony as it seems


Filling The Hole 03.2.25                                                                                             Definitely Didactic;Vaguely About Music;Special People Special Occasions;Defiant Doggerel

Arlene Corwin






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