Limited Means 2003

Limited Means

I was listening to a radio concert of Keith Jarrett and feeling quite shabby by comparison, and then I thought…

Where do we go with limited means?

Far, perhaps not furthest.

Far enough to please the soul;

If mind accepts it’s not the best,

Sends its signals to the rest,

Then rest becomes our aureole.

In struggling, this perfection test

Is never passed.

Is life amassed

By perfect means

When gods and kings and queens lack means,

Bound in jars like jelly beans?

Is not the striving vanity,

Like purchasing designer jeans?

I say let limitation play,

And boundaries help create your style.

Joy and presence your hooray,

And limitations smile.

©Limited Means 03.5.19

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin


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