Show Business 2000

Show Business

Throughout the ages,

Held to be below the ‘finer’ arts:

This show of gifts-for-pay:

To what can it aspire, and

The ones who place their song on hire?

Putting out, (now there’s a phrase) a sign

That what is mine –

The years of days and pain

It took to flower –

There to sing and entertain

Paid by the hour:

Any scale you choose to choose –

It’s a talent to amuse.

The lowest paid, the highest paid

Are forced to migrate

Back and forth a paying nation,

In a business in which name and fame

Endure a scant one-generation

In a game you’re doomed to lose.

Twenty hundred ninety two

They’ll still be playing Bach – and you,

Who sang and played your heart out,

Will not have one note of art out

In the world. That’s show


©Show Business 00. 4.8

Vaguely About Music; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Our Times, Our Culture; Birth, Death & In Between;

Arlene Corwin




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