Skeleton Of Change 2006

       Skeleton Of Change

I heard an old friend sing her style.

She’s sung her style since ‘fifty-three.

I smile.


She sounds as good as ever –

Red line running through,

The red line true,

Nuances never better,

Fresh, refined down to the letter.

Style pale yet never stale.

People queue.

Songs are new –

Different but the same.

There was a guy I used to see.

A heartthrob, prancing up and down

The stage and singing, dancing;

All the rage when he was thirty.

Thirty later TV years

He’s there – the same arrangements –

Stepping, pepping up the footlights.

Sixty-year-old fans adore him.

Me, I was so sad and bored for him,

But who am I to say?

The only constant – so they say – is change.

The mystery is what is behind its

Skeleton, that doesn’t change

But seems to change in aspects.

©Skeleton Of Change 06.8.30

Vaguely About Music; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin



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