Cause To Wonder 1961

         Cause To Wonder

Suffering, buffering

Four months asylum.

Frightened, tense,

Heightened by

A sense of loss;


September, 1 July.

Ma: “Remember, I just try.”

Dismembered August

Tossed away

To come again

Some other day?

Bosh! A

Washed away

October, and

My god.

One fluid figure

Sent floating in brine,

Stomped out, estranged

From a crudely changed spine

One crushed,




Who sent for that?

And meant for what?

An un-consented absence for

Uncovering unheated love.

For pulling the cord

From the bellyhole socket

Which strengthened my spine

With my newly wound twine;

From smothering motherhood,

-ism and -kind

And bearing myself

From the womb in my mind.

©Cause To Wonder 1961

Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin



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