Endlessly Creative II 2008

     Endlessly Creative II

I write for the inner man.

I write for the outer man –

The vain man, the me man.

Like Leonardo, I see landscapes,

Cityscapes, faces that escape

From pebbles that I pluck

Each time I get the post.

Creation knows no limits.

Crazy faces in the spaces,

Their limits are my limits

And my limitations theirs.

There was no skyline

When da Vinci peered at ceiling cracks.

What city

Did he see

Interpreting the line and plane?

The country? town?

Even he, da Vinci had a curtain,

And because creation is subjective,

Subject world formed in the mind,

I can approach my inner, outer, vain –

My me man

Seeing faces new, unknown,

Un-specied and unnamed.

As many as are pebbles

They’ll be born.

© Endlessly Creative II 7.4.2008

The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative; On The Way To The Post;

Arlene Corwin



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