Slipping Into A Slot #1 2003

Slipping Into A Slot Part 1

Day by day

I slip into the slot of age

Weaving all the categories into one:

Birth, death and the in between,

Circling ´round nature

In the nature of reality,

Of thinking, the creative

And the meditative processes,

Of woman and the child mystic,

Time, our times, our culture,

Everything didactic, with a

Sense of the ridiculous that’s

Vaguely about music. It’s

Pure nakedness and all the years

Of meter, rhyme

In service of my age, its time.

There’s no conclusion to be drawn,

Except that everything goes on at once.

If one could only see it!


© Slipping Into A Slot part 1 03.3.26

Circling Round Woman; I Is Always You Is We; Birth, Death & In Between; Nature In & Of Reality; Time;

Arlene Corwin






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