Olympic Games Nineteen Ninety Sex 1996 2003


      Olympic Games Nineteen Ninety Sex

Forgive me God, forgive me folk,

I’ve got to make this little joke.

I’m not a girl who’s often vulgar-

After all, I practice Yoga,

Keeping mind and body pure:

Mostly mind. But I have eyes,

And one Olympic year the sure-

Fire fashion for the thighs

And loins were shorts exposing all.

When I say all, I mean the ball,

The bell, the jock-.

God, how they knocked!

And while the race was being clocked

The racers showed what Adam hid;

And while I tried to watch the race

My eyes kept dropping to that place.

I couldn’t help myself. They slid

To dingling, dangling, banging things –

Some small, some large, and all these kings

Of sport diminished in my eyes.

I didn’t wish to see their size,

For I was there to see the sprinters

And the long jump and the discus,

Knowing that they’d spent long winters

Practicing like titans. Now the viscous

Summer days, all damp and sweaty,

While the world with its confetti

Waited to exalt its heroes,

It was long, short dicks that hit my eyes.

May athletes, trainers, sponsors wise,

Fashion moguls on the rise

Remember, modesty is also prize.



Olympic Games nineteen Ninety Sex 96.8.16/ 03.8.6Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin


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