Shining Together (a) 1996


     Shining Together

They read to each other:

The weather report, the music reviews;

They talk about how ‘they’ distort,

Lie and smother the news;

Corruption and power –

And hour by hour

They shine together:

Because birds of a feather

Can flock – if they’re cool,

Drawing back when there’s bias,

When either sounds pious,

When one starts to pule

The thing is to laugh, joke or tease –

To lighten the air and put loved one at ease.

A quiet solution,

A quiet ablution.

For best become the worst of friends

If lightness ends.

That said, together is no tether –

More a test and/or reward.

If you can weather

Jokes, old stories, youth-days’ glories

Now seraphic,

Rage in traffic,

Family fetes,

Shine permeates.

While sharing the sofa watching TV,

Legs up in harmony,

He rubbing her feet and her rubbing his:


The treatise.


Shining Together #1 96.10.11Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin




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