The Weather…Again 1996

The Weather…Again

July, the weather’s so unstable.

Twelve degrees. (That’s centigrade),

Sun inside, behind, unable to

Control the slate blue renegade

That barricades all heaven.

Climes unstable overall,

And though I hate it, I cannot relate

To heat or flood or squall

In any place where I’ve not gone –

Or cannot see in my mind’s eye.

So when a quake occurs in Tonga

Brain says ‘tch’ and yet,

I am beginning to complain

About the warmth we didn’t get.

I’m such a hypocrite.

We needed water –

Winter had no snow. I prayed for it.

When herds were set for undue slaughter,

When there was no grass to mow,

The deepest wells were low,

I did a dance when drops appeared.

But it’s July. Windy water whips the window.

What I had of cheer is dry.

I want sun to interfere.

Two sweaters, socks and all this gear

Belong to autumn, not July.

The thermosphere, the troposphere,

The aero-, hydrosphere – the sky,

Plain old veneer of normalcy-

I want it back!

No overdraft, a roof and food,

A man who works –

A life, in short, that’s awfully good

Is starting to react to fits and jerks

Of summers skipped, quasi seasons:

Season’s treasons.

If the sun plays peek-a-boo,

I’ll make no fuss or much ado,

But take a wise man’s overview:

Light a fire in the hearth,

Warm my heart and take a bath,

Take in the here and now and You.

©The Weather…again 96.7.3

Circling Round Nature; Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin


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