Eccentric Spaghetti 2007

07.8.23. Eccentric Spaghetti 

Not wishing to eat the same lunch as my husband (salmon, potatoes and vegetables) but having a lust for spaghetti, that lovely sensation of worms-in-the-mouth, but at the same time wanting something low in fat, nourishing but delicious, I concocted this from the ingredients in the house – well, not in the house exactly, more, the refrigerator and freezer.

I cooked spaghetti, around two small handfuls (I have small hands) in salted water. I don’t always salt the water, but this time I did, knowing that I’d have to leave it out elsewhere. Into another bowl, I poured a little of my husband’s potato water – just a little. Spaghetti done, I spooned, ladled it (I’m not sure how you describe what one does with spaghetti) into the bowl and poured some yogurt over the top. Then I spooned, yes, definitely spooned, some vegetables cooked for my husband over the top of that. Then, thinking that there wasn’t enough protein in it, I took some tofu from the fridge (you’ve got to have tofu hanging around, if only to enhance protein content) some – just some pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, and smushed and sprinkled. By this time, the spaghetti being colder than I like, I put it in the micro for a couple of rounds. Voilà 



! Low in fat, nourishing (albeit a bit high in omega 6 as opposed to omega 3). The tofu, you know) but delicious spaghetti.

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