Elk Apples 2004 2007

               Elk Apples
All year long the secret seed –
Built up upon its secret feed,
It’s apple-y need, sleeps,
Doing all its apple-y things
To end up drink or salad, pie –
Something surely heavenly.
Summer long my husband and I
Wait. We watch,
Share swelling potluck,
Offering bits of bites or three,
To birds that catch
The worms that hatch in soil
For fructifying tree,
The whole gang sharing nicely.
Then one night,
With the birds, worms, husband tucked up tight,
Elks take the apples!
One more gosh darned time it’s happeled!
Fruitlessly we stomp around, rebuking chance,
Our idiocy not to fence.
How they have relished in the dance –
The cider scent that charms and pulls,
Pervading firmament and mouthfuls,
Broken branches, stringy leaves:
Evidence of feast and thieves.
Once again we bide our time
Waiting on an output.
Will there be a yield or crime?
Winter, spring and summer waits.
Kitchen stove and oven waits.
Cinnamon and whipped cream wait,
Contemplating basketsful of fruit
 ©Elk Apples 02.9.17 / 04.9.17/07.1.11
Circling Round Nature; Small Stories Book;
Arlene Corwin




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