Integrity: The Doped Olympics 2004 2007


07.10.5. I was thinking about integrity and what constitutes it. If a law is responsible, or if the burden of integrity is always on my/our shoulders.

What would I do if a cup of strong coffee helped me perform to my utmost, but was illegal. Would I sneak in that cup? Could I resist the temptation? I really can’t say. And that uncertainty makes me say it must be my weakness, my undeveloped morality and love for my fellow man.

In light of the news that a certain Olympic champion will probably be stripped of five medals, having admitted now to using steroids makes me question my own social responsibilities even more. What to do? What to do?

Perhaps this is an answer:

The Doped OlympicsWhy don’t they simply

Create a new branch

And call it the Doped Olympics?

By the laws of semantics

It soon would come into the language,

Legitimized. Youth forgets past.

Soon the word would lose shame

While the name of the game

Would be guilt-free and blame-free

And those who would qualify

Could have drug freedom,

Build muscle defined and have bodies divine.

If they dropped dead at forty

At least they’d have entertained millions,

Fulfilled their ambitions,

Made lots of folk rich and set records untold.

Let those athletes select spend year-hours in training;

Let chemists develop concoctions so new

That the pole-vaulter flies,

And the sprinter’s a jaguar,

The shot put is sent into orbits of space,

The long jumper jumps twenty meters

While men become fierce

And the women grow beards,

Which gives all of the chemists new projects to work on.

A yes to the dopey Doped Games!

©The Doped Olympics



Our Times, Our Culture; A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Defiant Doggerel;

Arlene Corwin
























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