Mother In-Law 2007

             Mother In-law

Has it been twenty-four

Daughter in-law years?

She was plump then –

Face a rosy, Swedish skin.

Always prone to valleyed hills,

One of the first to lean on pills,

She raised her four.

The best of mothers:

Giving and uncritical.


One holds back tears

As time/space feeling disappears –

When time and home and neighborhood,

Recounting conversations, mood

Was always of the essence.

Twenty-four short years before

Her plumpness ran across the streets, up stairs,

Saw nature’s beauty everywhere,

Bleached, washed and cleaned each corner…

One is left a mourner,

Mourning, like Siddhartha

For the rounds of life.

©Mother In-law 07.4.10

Love Relationships; Special People Special Occasions;

Birth, Death & In Between; Mother Book;

Arlene Corwin

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