The Miracle Of Turning Fifty 1996 2007

           The Miracle Of Turning Fifty

There’s a miracle in turning fifty:

Half your life is over,

You’ve got fifty years to go.

Maybe forty, maybe thirty;

Wisdom’s exponential.

And while youth goes backwards into time,

You’re reaching your potential.

It’s a fair exchange – no, more than fair.

Fifty’s on the way to there.No more periods that bother,

No more load on you as mother

When you had to drive the kids to school.

Loads you handle with more ease.

Not so many folk to please.

You’ve more capacity,

And all the things that stamp us old

Turn into gold:

Days of humming –

Days to come;

Not right this minute or this hour;

Bit by bit the power waxes.

Isn’t that the large-life goal ?

Fifty starts it all.

It must be said:

You’re the one who makes this bed,

Gardens gladness, fences sadness out or in.

Keeps on looking

So that mind and intellect keep cooking.

You’re the one to feed these drives.

That’s when life can turn on fives.

©The Miracle Of Turning Fifty 96.12.4 revised 07.3.15

A Mystic Visits Thousand Oaks; I Is Always You Is We;

Special People Special Occasions; Birthday Book;

Arlene Corwin



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