Willing To Take The Time 2007

                Willing To Take The Time

Am I boring.

Harping on the themes

I see as ground;

To vanity,

To mind,

To time

And how the mind creates

While others talk of love,

(for Jesus was no fool)

And love is the umbrella sun of energy?


Still time, if not exactly tangible

Is not intangible:

We have our clocks to touch,

To see as hands go round.

We hear them tick,

We watch our watch.

It’s Time we cannot catch.


Bound to time and choice

Each mini-second;

Barriers of character,

(The carrier of barriers)

And karmic genes,

And strengths

With drives that yet push upward.


Oh, the complex and the simple,

The simple-but-not-easy;

Choices that demand we live;

Living that commands we choose.


Chain and ladder both-in-one

In time, in mind dualities, in love.


©Willing To Take The Time 12.2.2007

Circling Round Reality; Time; Circling Round Vanities;

Arlene Corwin





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