All Beginnings Have An End 1995 2005

               All Beginnings Have An EndHaydn wrote his last, lived on for six more years.

‘Papa’ Hayd-, prolific Hayd-, productive Haydn

Never stopped;

A last quartet, then he was through.

Maybe Papa Haydn popped,

Cropped his life and turned into

A gardener!

Had he lost his ‘papa’ clout?

It seems he opted out.

Had he broken through illusion?

Found his still point? Lost his will?

More to the point,

When gift’s become full-blown,

More feels like less and crown noblesse

Invites a pause and settling down –

Ambition’s push a wish expired.

Time comes, if you’ve given all,

Inventiveness may pall,

The old exciting games a faulty

Use of time. You’re tired!

Endless twists, flicks of the wrist;

Never tamed and open framed raw energy

All have an end.

Pretending otherwise is madness.


All Beginnings Have An End 95.3.9/05.4.28The Processes; Creative, Thinking, Meditative; Vaguely About Music; Arlene Corwin



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