Where’s My Free Will Got To?

     Where’s My Free Will Got To? 
Just a chemical being,

Down one second, up the next?

A cup of coffee all it takes

To take me from the world of snakes

To full production. Energy

That lies somewhere –

Suddenly awake and there.

I hate it!

I, a thing manipulated.

Am I just a world-bound being?

Is there something I’m not seeing?

Some first law that binds it all,

Some gluing law that says we’re soul

That must abide by natural law

Of bio-this and bio-that,

Bound up in drives like some tomcat;

Slowed down by glands that make you fat

And cells that die and lie and claw?

Where’s my free will got to?


©Where’s My Free Will Got To? 93.6.2

Nature Of & In Reality; Coffee Book;

Arlene Corwin


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