There Is No Weather Out In Space 1997


      There Is No Weather Out In Space

There is no weather out in space.

It’s we, exposed to weather’s chess

Who sense the wrath of God;

Who sense, as well, the links between

The actions of the marketplace -all interlaced

With poisoned prayer. Birds of a feather

Flock together.

Faction fighting, market’s wad;

Goods and pelf that sink the trodden

While the well-insured can tinker

With the systems; nescience –

In and out the genes –

Greed’s inherent origins,

Corrupts the clime:

Volcanic blowouts, untimed rains,

Melting floes, hurricanes;

The brain of God the paradigm:

Peace unmotioned;

Nature, twin-fraternal; oceaned,

Churning, whirling, sucking.


Whether weather runs amok

Depends on Good and nature’s mood.

Man, the calculating, shrewd,

Crafts legislature

Forging crooked ways to food

And shelter; almost lewd;

By any godly standards crude.

Man, who works at life towards death;

Seeking love – life’s shibboleth;

While all above the universe,

And hint – of uncapricious grace –

That there’s no weather out in space.



There’s No Weather Out In Space 97.11.25Nature Of & In Reality; Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin







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