Things Are Dying Off 1997



      Things Are Dying Off

Things are dying off.

I go outside to water the

Tomatoes, and I notice that

The other plants, once juicy green

Are starting to de-clothe,

And I’m surprised.

It’s happened in a week,

When all my expectations speak

Of succulence: greens, mauves and blue.

I go outside and they’re all through,

Save one or two who’ll thrive,

Survive the snow –

And I’m surprised at my surprise,

My lack of observation.

Surely there are signs to read

That speak for all creation.

If I sharpened all my senses,

I would notice – way ahead –

When nature’s fruitfulness was done,

Taking death without surprise,

Which knack alone

Would make me wise.

But I’m still far away from that.



*written three days after the death of Princess Diana.

did I mean Di-ing off?



Things Are Dying Off 97.9.2Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin

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