We’ve Cancelled The Papers 1997


      We’ve Cancelled The Papers

We’ve cancelled the papers.

My goodness, I’m glad.

I find them demanding, confusing, depressing.

They take so much time from the day that one’s had.

I like all the sales that one can exploit:

The discounted coupons that scream “Clip me out!”

But then I spend more than I ought

Cause I’m, caught;

The Post and the News and the Times all expressing

Interpreted fact

Without tact, exactitude,

Flaming the attitude,

Fixing our views.

It’s all so distressing.

And that’s why I’m glad

That we’ve cancelled the papers –

Their principle’s bad.

But then again I watch TV.

Whatever will become of me –

And him? As long as we share house and room,

It’s possible we – common pair –

Will share a second-rate, commonplace doom.

Or, will we one day, pull the plug,

And flog it all:

New sweep, new broom,

New bloom,

Finished consumer:

A new human being.



We’ve Cancelled The Papers 97.4.13Our Times, Our Culture;

Arlene Corwin


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