Accepting The Flu 1998


      Accepting The Flu

Okay body, do your job!

Let the mucous slobber out

In retribution for some sin:

Shaking hands, going in

To someone’s home

When someone’s child

Was sick with some-

Thing mild –

A cough she’d got when on a trip –

And I’ve the nose that’s left to drip,

A throat that’s hoarse and getting worse,

The yellow pain my self-caused curse.

Okay Law, you’re not perplexed –

You know the rules of cause/effect

From wish to apex,

Climax, end –

You who make illness bend

And die away and out –

Ameliorate this bout

Of flu,

Or what all else you think to do

Through body, mind, will and soul.

With a mind to make things whole

I yield, acknowledging defeat.

I’m backing down and in retreat.

The sweating, chills, the throat, the head,

The loss of appetite, the cough –

It’s okay, karma.

Do your stuff!I know enough

To go to bed,

Hope this is a watershed.

And when folk come from other lands,

Though they be my own kin and friends

I’ll have the common sense,

(Hoping my hostess understands) –

To leave the kiss – and scrub my hands!



Accepting The Flu 98.7.8A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Energy;

Arlene Corwin


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