Borrowed Time 1998

       Borrowed Time

It’s always borrowed time, it is:

A little sore that doesn’t heal

As quickly it might or should;

A startling blurring in the sight,

Left eye hazier than right,

(Noticed over just a night);

A little blood

That shouldn’t be,

And slightly lessened energy –

Pint-sized jolts that hint at transience.

Little messes that depress

Easily – too easily.

Thinking in clichés can help.

The hackneyed phrase can also help:

‘There’s no one who gets out alive.’

The age might just as well be five

As sixty-five or ninety-five.

The puzzle is this urge to fight,

So time’s light can stay on – and on.

Time borrowed, not your own;

A loan

Is all it is.




Borrowed Time 98.4.25

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