Daughters & Sons #2 1998

      Daughters & Sons

I’m so sad for the mother

T hat never became what she ought

As a woman:

A person

To gladden her realm;

Never became what you faintly could call

Happy creature,

The features of happiness missing in full.

I’m so sad,

And I don’t fully tumble to layered grief why.

Is it that she will die,

Her future become a flyby

Without any chance on this planet for joy?

That some of her blood runs inside of my veins,

And some gene-derived thought in my brain

Is connected to some of her pains?

Of all the denatured, the tortured

I feel my sadness directed at one.

Is it guilt?

Is there something I just haven’t done?

How much mother’s keeper

Should daughters and sons…?

I’m so sad.

©Daughters & Sons 98.1.1 version2

Circling Round Woman; Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness; Mother Book;

Arlene Corwin

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