I Like To Mention My Friends 1998


       I Like To Mention My Friends

Some people, when they get their urges,

Urges that amount to purges,

Clean the house. I write – then clean.

Some go on courses, paint a canvas.

I have friends who go to dances

Every weekend. I can sit,

For I am hardly ever hit

By needs to shine the copper.

Quite the opposite,

The things that flirt with me are titles,

Issues; wrong and right.

I have a friend –her husband too –

They run. What running they do do!

On roads, through woods, over the hill;

The pair is almost never still.

No wonder, while the world goes under

That the world is going under.

I have friends who, everyday,

Ring up each other’s phones and chat.

Between the urge to clean the flat,

The nighttime ritual TV,

The gym, the diet, free of fat and calorie,

The guilty spurt of gluttony,

And purchased books on meditation –

Problems tot up megaton:

Everyday and anyway.

Stress, success, rejuvenation,

Pressure, longing for elation,

Restless tapping for completion;

Finding the machinery

To focus on the proper ends

Is why I like to cite my friends.

(I’m sure they’re citing me).



I Like To Mention My Friends 98.3.18Our Times, Our Culture; I Is Always You Is We;

Arlene Corwin

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