It Happens Suddenly 1998

       It Happens Suddenly

It happens suddenly. The stage:

A day, two days, a week – not more;

One hopes not more than seven days

Of listless lying in this cage –

Lying lion, padlocked door.

Dull and purposeless the phase,

A dozy wad of forceless ‘bod’;

The live physique, the moving form,

The very force that slows you up

Lets you down

And stops you in your tracks.

Which the servant, which the master?

Microbe, hormone, enzyme, gene?

Within their root harangue disaster

Stagnates, corpse-like,

“Health, ill health” the daisy game.

Inertia in its very static feels like bliss –

Even in its aimlessness:

This mystery and curse.

Sky keeps alternating.

Swedish clouds belie a sun

Which, in a fifteen minute spell,

Warms chin, the room I’m in,

A hazy dell and then I’m well.

Well enough to sense the sage

Behind the hidden goings on,

Despite this cage;

Sense the causes, look at seasons,

Guess at reasons

Spring gets sprung, the lung of nature

Gets its leaves,

Old gets young again and summer

Takes its place with grace. Sheaves

Of projects still to do:

I will spring to life anew.

It happens suddenly.

©It Happens Suddenly 98.5.7

Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin






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