Ballet 2008


It moves so naturally.

First, bodies side by side;

Quiet, tired, newly wakened,

Parallel – a back to front;

A shift, and than a front to back;

A shift, and then two legs

That cross two others –

Shift again, and lying on one’s back once more,

The other on his side.

And so, the shifting carries on:

A slow ballet.

A hand awakes. Massages

Small, attentive, soft. Still,

No one does a thing –

Makes no advances.

Not a kiss – but closeness.

Then, as if a miracle

[But still asleep]

A warm and stiffened

Natural extension slips naturally

Into its home; small home,

Warm home – and no one moves;

Not yet a movement.

But sensation, which aroused

From causes multi-

Subtle, partly

From the knowledge that there’s time,

And no one need rush up, rush out,

The time and freedom an essential,

Ballet ends.

The audience applauds.

© Ballet 4.18. 2008

Circling Round Eros;

Arlene Corwin



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