Changing Hairs 2008

Changing Hairs

The hairs are changing.

Something that you notice

When you’re aging.

Gauge that keeps us posted;

Barometric dynamo: hair all over

Disappearing, changing color,

Showing up and changing texture,

Thinning out or exiting entire.

Brows from east to west now growing, going

North or deeply south.

My husband’s arm hairs

Blonde, sparse, silky –

Have by inches, reached the armchairs

In a logic all their own.

As for my hairs – chin, lip, pubic,

While conforming to some mad directive

Have re-formed, deformed

Without informing me –

Hairs where they should not be.

And not, of course, where they should…

How unfair that there exists

Such devious diversity.

Distorted in their programmed lives,

The crazy long-lived hair that thrives

On being tweezed and waxed and shaven.

There’s a mystery in there – in hair.

The answer lies in heaven.

© Changing Hairs 7.8.2008

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Circling Round Nature;

Arlene Corwin


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