Connected and Interrelated 1994 2008

      Connected and Interrelated

Connected and interrelated:

Never re-stated too often, too much.

No crutch and no gene bank can keep us in touch

With the past of the past of the past,

Cause and effect with the last laugh of all.


I read somewhere recently,

One single pee in a coral rich sea

Can initiate grief, crumbling reef,

Change the balance of lichen and snail.

Coral (which grows at the rate of your nail)

Becomes pale – then sand –

From the pee of a swimmer too lazy to land.


I read that a flock coming north in the spring

-By the flap of a wing – can initiate hale,

The swing of a feather, the sting of the weather

Distorting by changing some groove.

What then astrology (so hard to prove)

Whose movement of planets is said to steer fate,

Temper, temperament, sending your mate?


Breath, decision; they interrelate

With the movements of atoms and rays-hard-to-measure,

Affecting the work of the whole in their leisure,

Floating, colliding and God-alone-knows…

The trick is to come out of this thing like a rose.


What if my doing and thinking has ways

Which touch all of the planet, all hours, all days?

The game is so layered.

Everything mine, yours, its, theirs, hers and his

Affected by history, wizardry, fate. –

One has no choice but to yield, act, wait.


(Here is the chain grammar free):

I hit my kids kick the cat

Eats the mouse starts the fire in the house

Where the fireworks are stored

Blows my neighbor toward

Heaven the street’s set aflame I’m to blame

Go to jail get no mail

Lose all hope ‘cause the kids now take dope

‘Cause corruption is rife so my son takes the life

Of the one who blamed me leaves a family

Teenagers, wife, baby: Globally augmented,


Connected and interrelated.

You never can say it too often, too much.

©Connected and Interrelated 7.25.1994/tinkered with 5.25.2008

Definitely Didactic; Nature Of & In Reality;

Arlene Corwin


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