Detective Poem 2008

       Detective Poem

Possible I’ll reason through

To something in the genre, to

A form more suitable,

More aptitudinal,

An under-plot

That’s got to do

With After and Before life.

Something’s Missing From the Corpse

, or“Where’s The Life The Was?”

Let’s see:

Face down; mud brown in water;

Strangled, mangled, tangled,

Bangles dangling. In the matter

Of the motive:

Money, lawyers, jealousy,

Contracts of dishonesty:

Lots of lies and lots of clues;

Inevitably Chapter Two:

Numbers, records: threads are sewn.

The unknown turns into the known.

Gun in drawers (the ones she wore)

Stolen money from the lawyers.

(Also, she was screwing one.)

Hence the murder, hence the gun.

Lies, sex, money: Chapter three.

No crime expert, but one sees.

The secretary had to go:

She knew. He knew she knew, and so,

The murderer was CEO.

Killer nabbed,

(There is a person on that slab)

Killer booked.

(I force a look).

Where is the life that used to be?

The real mystery

Unsolved by Dirty Harry, cops,

Something’s missing from the corpse.

Where is it?

© Detective Poem 5.21.2008

A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Defiant Doggerel; Small Stories Book;

Arlene Corwin








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