End Of Cat Book 2008

        End Of Cat Book
A book mostly about one cat: Sootis.

Not purposely, but purposeful?

Time tells.

Yesterday was his last day.

He seemed to represent Cat-dom,

Characteristics out of Africa

And Egypt.

He was Cat,

Inspiring to look at –

Certainly to watch.


In our garden now,

A big translucent quartz his headstone –

Daffodils to come.


I prepared for days –

Seventeen, to be exact.

But on the eighteenth,

Finding him,

Still warm

But absolutely gone

A stream

That sometimes gushes, sometimes runs

Betrays such preparation. I

Don’t think I’ll ever write


Felines again,

Need gone.

© End Of Cat Book 4.23.2008
Birth, Death & In Between; Cat Book; Love Relationships;

Arlene Corwin




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