It’s His Choice 2008

               It’s His Choice

He hisses when he does the dishes;

Hisses when he drives. It’s tension.

Breathing in through tightened lips

Or mouth – I don’t know which.

Observing it, I’ve mentioned it.

Not harped or criticized – just mention.

“No, I’m not. I don’t.

And if I do, it doesn’t mean a thing.

Why are you watching me!”

If it were I, I’d think.

I might say thank you.

He dreams monsters, men attacking,

Knives, catastrophes. guns, enemies;

Moans and kicks the wall while sleeping.

“Dreams don’t mean a thing!”

Pain in his chest that has no explanation.

‘Neuro-muscular”, they think.

The heart is fine.

He doesn’t see a link.

It is bewildering.

He’s balanced otherwise.

The insight in my ego says it is his choice.

Hurt leaves, I neutralize.

Detached. It is his choice.

© It’s His Choice 12.19.2008

Circling Round Vanities; I Is Always You Is We;

Small Stories Book; Love Relationships; Revelations Big & Small;

Arlene Corwin



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