Seeing Baby For The First Time 2009

            Seeing Baby For The First Time



Born affection.

Both affection.

But – as I was thinking – non-emotion.

I can’t figure out the law:

Why we bond,

Why we’re fond Of whom we’re fond;


It’s irrational.

Not passion, It’s not action,

It just is and operates

Magnetic and mysterious.

© Seeing Baby For The First Time 4.30.2009 Love Relationships; Arlene Corwin

Putting On Makeup 2009

        Putting On Makeup

Making up,

I keep

Attempting to


A face

I knew.

I do

Not (well, it’s hard to)


The one that sees



Feeling crisis



© Putting On Makeup 2.3.2009 Circling Round Nature; Circling Round Vanities; Circling Round Woman; Circling Round Wrinkles; Arlene Corwin

Showing&Sharing 1992 revised 2009

         Showing And Sharing (Revised)

Why do I perform, I ask you?

Kent and I, we talked it through.

“Why do we do what we do?”

Musicians both, asking about both sloth and troth.

“Why not stay at home, just play at home?”

The need to play for them, where does it come from?

Why not warble in a corner,

Trade Jack Warner for Jack Horner?

The path, pith, analysis, seed of non-paralysis

Lies in the need to share each bar,

Ensnare them in the repertoire:

Acquired, inspired and fired solo.

To play for those who know is where share becomes the show.To share the stuff you’re made of,

One likes to give and get the love.

The gig may be just one night long,

Player’s voice imbibing song.

That’s why birds have beaks,

Actors paint their cheeks,

Nuns not called freaks,

Why climbers climb outrageous peaks:

To show and share’s their form of care, of who they are,

A wearing off of vanity and learning of humility:

The real way to get somewhere.

Why seek the gigs, and time on time risk disapproval?

Bumpy lyrics, chords that stump,

Mental blocks to shock a heart that gasps to pump;

Sometimes on your frumpy rump

When you’re a grumpy, dumpy lump;

Handling cash, the boss

Without the foolishness of loss;

And gathering the strength

To stand with dignity against the length

Of lustful arms and eyes,

Seductive men and women: lies.

In some mysterious mirror way

You need to hear the stuff you play

Through other’s ears and other’s eyes.

It’s the response that makes you wise,

The music genie rise.

I’m giving up the claim to fame,

(Which only means you know my name)

The thing I can’t give up’s the call,

Which means, of course, the playing hall.

Knowing, daring, going, baring,

Learning, doing, wooing, paring:

That’s the showing and the sharing:

©Showing & Sharing #1 11.4.1992 rev2009 Vaguely About Music; Circling Round Reality; Circling Round Vanities;  Arlene Corwin


Spasm Of Orgasm 2009

        Spasm Of Orgasm

The spasm

Of orgasm

Is a passing,

Never lasting


Ephemerality that is

Then is a was.

© Spasm Of Orgasm 4.19.2009 Circling Round Eros; Arlene Corwin

Nothing Stays 2009

         Nothing Stays

It’s not a bubble.

Not a hyphen –

More a dash

Connecting and collecting

Wobbling variations

On the truth.

© Nothing Stays 4.27.2009 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin

Measuring In Numbers 2009

          Measuring In Numbers

I love those who record in numbers:

Calendars of immortality.

What better avenue

When hieroglyphic paintings show

How old they are?

A people who love calendars

Are easily researched, transferred onto

Recorded time and there for us.


©Measuring In Numbers 4.6.2009 Numbers Book; Arlene Corwin

            Things In Numbers

I love to measure

Things in numbers;

Calendars securing immortality.

What better way,

When hieroglyphic art

Presents itself and tells you

Just how old it is

By people who held check on time.

Easily remembered,

Transferred into records;

Time accounted for

To learn from and be there.

© Things In Numbers 4.30.2009 Numbers Book; Arlene Corwin




Just Do It#2 2009

           Just Do It

My friend requested a Cd,

More than asked, he bullied me.

(quality was up to me)

Make it! Do it!” So, director-less,

Director free,

I did it.

Just Do It 4.30.2009

Vaguely About Music;

Arlene Corwin

Just Do It #1 2009

                Just Do It #1

Chapter One:

Midnight here in Sweden,

And tomorrow he’ll be President,

Four-year starting gun to shoot;

A four year shot: it’s not a lot;

A change in month and year;

Fourteen hundred sixty days of world in chaos,

Honor and dishonor.

But by fourteen hundred thirty days,Gritty presidency fleeting –

Fleeing with its certainties.

Chapter Two

Paradox is almost nice,

Since dice are ruled by variables.

© Just Do It#1 1.20.2009

Our Times, Our Culture; Definitely Didactic;

Arlene Corwin










Falling Chips 2009

         Falling Chips

I want to be read,

Don’t want to be read.

I want the attention,

Don’t want the attention.


I dread being eaten

By sharks, mediocrity,

Meanness dependency;

Flattery, fawning –

Intimidating and unnerving.


Bread upon the water,

Eaten by the fish that gather

Lets the chips fall where they ought to:

Hither, dither, whither…

Is that what I want?

© Falling Chips 4.30.2009 Circling Round Reality; Arlene Corwin


Blue Monk 2009

            Blue Monk  (lyric to T. Monk ‘s Blue Monk)

Monkeying ‘round,

Pounding the keys,

Trying hard to take the easy way.

Funky and blue,

All I can do,

Dancing on the old parquet –

Is make a rhythm

Gershwin would have loved to play,

Ira reading his Roget

(At a Sunday matinee).

© Blue Monk 4.18.2009 Lyrics; Arlene Corwin

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