I’m Willing To Share 1995

          I’m Willing To Share

I’m willing to share my ego – its faults,

Revealing – to anyone – all that I find,

Thinking that someone who willingly vaults

Over worldly assaults, attractive youth’s glue,

Clinging and binding itself to truth’s glue,

Perceiving her faults as they are,

And watching as scar

Becomes scabbing and peeling then healing,

As she becomes swan,

And sharing the methods stumbled upon –

(Process transmittable to those in pain/

Have erred on my plane -)

Those are the things that I’m willing to share

Because I surmised long ago, it helps friend, it helps foe,

And those to whom I owe nothing in particular.

©I’m Willing To Share 5.30.1995 I Is Always You Is We; Pure Nakedness; Arlene Corwin



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