I Think On Death 1969/1995

         I Think On Death

I think on death,

And as I think, my breath

Goes in and out and in

Without a pause. By twos

The time we have to win

Dwindles away as we choose

Paths, aware, like now,

That we will die, the how,

Where to, and when a secret

Between fate and God.

Sweet bodies, sweeter faces, get

Out of my eyes! The heat

Of all your breaths will stop,

New crops of finite races’

beauteous creations rise.

Clinging: bodies, faces – all the ties –

Is in itself, the ill.

With drones of doubt,

Living out the doubt

Is reaching out – uphill.

©I Think On Death 69.5./95.9.11/06.10.7

Birth, Death & In Between; To The Child Mystic; Arlene Corwin





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