If You Read Without Reflecting 1995

           If You Read Without Reflecting
If you read without reflecting,
All you have is empty eyes.
 If you read without reflecting,
 There’s small chance of getting wise:
There’s no message to send on.
Without message, wisdom
Has no chance to siphon down
From intellect to arms and legs,
Into the dregs of living.
What you read you need to chew.
If you knew
How happy you could be –
And great
(You’re thinking I exaggerate)
How the page
Conceals the sage,
You’d stop eye from flitting
Like a skittish kitten. It’s a
Form of concentration
That can turn to contemplation,
But it needs assimilation,
News and information;
Even gossip can reveal.








©If You Read Without Reflecting 3.9.1995
The Processes: Creative,Thinking, Meditative; Arlene Corwin

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