Listen To The Silence 1995

           Listen To The Silence

Listen to the silence.

What do you hear?

A plane from far comes nearer,

Overhead, then

Gone again.

No airplane.


In your head the ear is ringing.

Nothing’s dead.

A thermostat is going on

Or shutting off:

The click is gone.

Listen carefully,

For in the silence comes the thought

That blocks out hums,

The nineteen-hundred’s omni-sound.

Silence too, is all around.

It feels, it thrives;

For in the hive of thought,

‘Tween cells and pulses there is peace;

No taking in, yet there’s release:

Song without a pulse or wave,

Nothing to achieve,

No system to believe in.



Listen To The Silence 95.3.22 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin


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