2X ABCDEFG And An H 1996

              2X ABCDEFG And An H2X ABCDEFG And An H 4.19.1996

I’ve been saying this

For thirty six-


And lest one day someone says.

“In nineteen sixty-something

She anticipated things she was

To celebrate three decades later’,

Let me jump the gun:

One works out fears,

Gets rid of tears,

Learns not to look but jump right in

And romp with honesty and depth the pater.

Learning joy is what one does;

Sweat to fuzz upon the brow – funny that!

That underneath the look of gloom

Is room for ha! ho! hee!

That chance is chaos with a bloom –

An all is synchronicity.

©Nature Of & In Reality; A Mystic Visits Thousand Oaks; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin

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