Creation: Synchronicity 2010

                 Creation: Synchronicity

I write, refine. Leave it alone.

Days, months, years, sometimes

Stumbling on,

Stumbling upon –

Pick up, pick out a book, a line –

I take it all as synchronicity:

A favored thesis –

Basis life:

Matched frequencies.

It pulls together,

Gives a meaning,

Makes one up.

It’s peace related.

Write, refine, I in the center,

Creativity is I

And probably.

Or ought to be

Us all

In synchronicity.

©Creation: Synchronicity 1.29.2010 The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin


The Business 2010

                 The Business

It is the business of the body

to bend;

The business of the body

to balance.

The balance of the mind

to bend in suppleness

to God.

© The Business 1.28.2010 God Book;   Arlene Corwin

The No. 1 Question 2010

           The No. 1 Question

Where are you Jim?

You died at two this afternoon

While I was making lunch.

The operation was successful

But the patient died.

An old cliché we laugh at –

But you did.

Where are you?

Throughout the day

I thought about you on and off,

You lying there

Not there & unaware

In care intensive.

I thought about you through the day,

Not entertaining possibilities.

(Well, yes I did) – and still

I cannot fathom yet

The It of passing.

And away,

What does it mean, ‘to pass away’?

Confounding and bewildering this

Disappearance, for

What is it but a magic act?

A permanent invisibility;

Departure planetary.

You’ll be cremated.

In a sense annihilated, but

Where are you anyway?

 © The No. 1 Question 1.16,2010  Birth, Death & In Between; Love Relationships;   Arlene Corwin




The Last Quarter 2010

           The Last Quarter

So potent,

Certain in its outer limits,

Inner probabilities.

Twenty-five more years is short –

Curt, brief, abrupt:

Yes, interrupted.


That as Whitman said,

Each hour of the day & night…a…miracle”

Reminds one to live moments well,

Fulfilled and focussed,

Not a minute missed,

No nano-second masked

But basked in, kissed,

This mission, task,

A last and slow dismemberment.

©The Last Quarter 1.3.2010  Birth, Death & In Between; Birthday Book; Definitely Didactic; Time;   Arlene Corwin



Skin & Bones 2010

              Skin & Bones

Skin and bones

Cartilage and ligaments:

Glue-y, stretchable, re-formable.

 On the edge of,

On the ledge of knowledge,

Unafraid of falling off

Because there is no ground,


Abyss –

Only a kiss of possibilities

Which there – is always.

 Age a number,

We a miracle;

Chain of cause/effect

Impossible to trace –

Which cause begins

Where, how far back?

That is

Why skin & bones,

Cartilage & ligament

Were made to bend to ‘give’

For better or for worse.


Skin & Bones 1.15.2010  Nature In & Of Reality;   Arlene Corwin

Prolificacy 2010


In town, on hill, people

Long for the essential,

[which] essential has been voiced in every

Manner, fashion,

Custom, style,

Method, practice,

Form and mode.

Genius is our template.

His urge is urgency,

And being man,

Part discipline, part vanity,

Part pleasure –

Pressure from the head to pen,

From what-, whenever.

Your part – you the reader –

Is to keep producing,

Watch the changes,

Don’t direct –

Changes come out of themselves.

Let them flow. Let them go.

If I should do a reckoning

(and I just may one day)

I’d say that “flow’s ” a word

I’ve used in verse

A thousand days,

A thousand ways.

(I may just look it up tomorrow*).

Dams and walls each second day,

All I’ve picked up on

Is to keep on going.

Funny idiom ‘keep on’.

I just may look it up and follow up

The ‘flow’.


©Prolificacy 1.6.2010  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin * 107 times


New Year’s Morning Again 2010

             New Year’s Morning Again

I don’t know when –

Perhaps two thousand

When I wrote it last.

This time it’s twenty ten.

Imagine, year two thousand ten!

And what did we do – once again?

We did it!

Seventy-five, seventy-two,

Doing it on New Year’s morning.

Eros, cupid

Making two most sensible adults

Quite stupid –

Arms entwined, lips

Osculating, palpitating

Heart and pulse and other bits;

Desire, fire. dolce.


© New Year’s Morning Again 1.1.2010  Circling Round Eros; Numbers Book;   Arlene Corwin



Lazy 2010


I’m lazy.

What I’m saying is:

It’s easier

To sit than stand,

Stand than


Talk through paper than


Face to face

Expending energy through sound.

(don’t telephone or visit neighbors –

usually or often.)

In my seat,

Sometimes an armchair,

Sometimes stool of upright wood.

If I could,

I’d do nothing but

Wait, think and write.

The only voice I choose to use

Is song.

And that’s an effort –

(But the pick is yogic)

Other than the song selection,

Song expression,

Song election,

I’m the laziest in town.


© Lazy 1.7.2010  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin

I Caught A Glimpse 2010

                  I Caught A Glimpse

I caught a glimpse of Myra’s braids

(a mind’s eye glimpse)

Hanging in front of me in class.

Third grade, thick cords

Faced my curly permanented,

Sometimes straight, but always short cut

Dirty blonde.

Would I go back?

It has a lure, but ‘back’ was blank –

A paper to be written on,

The blankness pain,

Innocence a waiting question.

Just a glimpse,

Cloudy longing of a second’s clarity

In strings of time called me,

Whose length I would not climb

Or stretch over again

As Arlene Nover.

No, not ever.


©I Caught A Glimpse 1.12.2010 Pure Nakedness;  

Arlene Corwin




Climate Change: A Shift Observed 2010

                Climate Change: A Shift Observed

It’s twenty minus:

To you Fahrenheiters minus four!


Was the warmest in recorded time –

Swedish time.

January and it’s twenty minus.

K. is walking on the ice

Across the lake,

The walk he’s taking,

Normally a drive around

A horseshoe road:

A shift observed.


©Climate |Change: A Shift Observed 1.3.2010Circling Round Nature; Our Times, Our Culture:   Arlene Corwin


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