When You Get A Kitten 2010

           When You Get A Kitten

When you get a kitten


Weeks old,

Red striped ball of fire,

Skip the legs, the arms, the furniture,

Wires bitten through –




Beheaded flowers.

Splashing, soaking, bathing – yes!

Bathroom, kitchen, sink – They’re his!

(He doesn’t even shake his paws)

Intrusions on the toilet,

He is family



Is taboo or ever will be.


© When You Get A Kitten 7.5.2009  Cat Book;  Arlene Corwin


Influences #2 2009

             Influences #2

At work so subtly,

Layering from top to deep.

Layer top to layer deep

Without a peep, covert consents;

For overnight you write like him,

You sound like her,

Make friends and unintentionally take.

Enduring; waning, penetrating

Molecule to cell.

Such mystery, this subtlety – but real:

Your path,

Eventually, style.

©Influences 12.28.2009 revised 4.12.2010  Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;  Arlene Corwin



Influence 2009


Influence – do you?

Do I?

And all the editorialization

Of the agencies of ad –

What is it that is had?

Well, nothing that will last forever,

Influence an hour long.

I could be wrong.

It is a riddle.

My small circle

With its ripples,

Small perennial and legendary –


Creating archetype and story

That upholds the day.

An old, old testament holds sway

Over a future

More than one short hour long.


Influence 07.9.24revised 12.18.2009 Our Times, Our Culture; Nature Of & In Reality;  Arlene Corwin

Form Without Content 2010

            Form Without Content

Copy of the day: create an image.

An internal email – there it stands:

It’s happening in all the lands

They recommend:

Conservatives to dress more casually,

Socialists wear suit and tie.

Email within the firm;

Happening the planet over.

All’s appearance – that’s the thing.


We’re the people – we want content.

We can’t know the inner workings…

We don’t want manipulation.

All we want to do is trust.

Ambivalence, anomaly,

Paradox we can’t see through:

It’s not our job to.

They don’t love us.


Form Without Content 4.09,2010 Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

Awakening of Affection for People Past 2010

                Awakening of Affection for People Past

It could be love.

Suddenly, aged something

I’ve the urge, the longing

To connect to worlds I’ve met;

Renew old contacts,

Seeing anyone who’s ever been

In my existence:

Puzzling, even to me.

Perhaps it’s death-come-nearer.

Living, dead, they’re in my head.

Believing things are happening

Just as they should,

I ought to have no longings.

People come and go the way it’s planned.

I should have faith enough to understand

And let it happen, let them go.

But something has awakened,

Gnawing every now and then.

The longing may be nonsense,


in any case.


©An Awakening of Affection for People Past 4.24.2010 Love Relationships; Pure Nakedness;   Arlene Corwin 

Volcanoes 2010


I knew it!

Knew it long ago.

No seer I, but still, I saw


The long chain, the threat that underlay,

The chain the chain would cause

Because it could: the cloud,

The chance of Time against us.

I’m no braggart, but I knew it!

You can’t fool around

With such a tiny round we call the Earth

Whose waistline is a girl’s,

Exploding atom things to test them

In the bowels, in the air.

Sticking in mass penises to pump, dig and divest…

I knew it!

Specialists – they must have known.

Geologists who knew the rocks

And under-rocks;

Camera eyes

That measure depths and galaxies;

Seismologists that know the size

Of waves that rock, what rocks the waves.

My goodness, if I knew,

I, who can’t add two, two, two:

They must have known long, long ago,

But scared to do… or say the word doomsday.

I knew it! Damned!

Is it programmed?


© Volcanoes 4.16.2010  Circling Round Nature; Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin



Working On My Spiritual Life 2010

Working On My Spiritual Life

Thinking about it just this minute,

I think that next time – if I’m asked

“What do you do with your days?”

I’ll try to not say “Nothing much!”

Instead, say that I’m mopping up

The dregs

And topping up the ways

And means of spirit.


© Working On My Spiritual Life 3.20.2010  The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin

Other People’s Stories 2010

Other People’s Stories

The radio is fatal.

I sit in bed, a glass of coffee, home-baked cake,

Listening to tale on tale – two lives that suck me in:

A Swedish man, his vacant past;

Memories that cast new shadows:

Polish…rescue… child… ghetto,

Only now remembering the sewer

Only now finding his mother,

Only now – two thousand ten. Then

What must have been

A scheduled error

Half an hour of the latest Nobel winner’s story:

Postwar Germans born Rumanians – a booty

Justified by Russian victors.

Distanced, cold, dispassionate.

Vomit, corpses, hunger, shit.

Is there a stronger than horrific?

Side by side, two programs

As I sip my coffee, pick at cake,

Mindlessly licking my fork,

Sick-cieties playing at games

That woo a doomsday closing in.


© Other People’s Stories 3.22.2010 Our Times, Our Culture; Small Stories Book;   Arlene Corwin


Prayer Of The Day 2010 2nd version

Prayer Of The Day

I need a champion:


Energetic and creative

Someone to believe

In me, has time or wants

To take and turn

My limitations, IQ, talent,

Leanings, knowledge,

Sloth, easy distraction,

Handling the winds of fate

With artistry to my advantage.

All I am capable of doing

Is to follow intuition,

Sing, play, write

For an invisible

In waiting.


©Prayer Of The Day 3.17.2010 God Book; To The Child Mystic;   Arlene Corwin 

Dust On A Mirror 2010

Dust On A Mirror

Bad art, good art;

Rembrandt, Schubert

Wrote or painted,

Works a mother wouldn’t like…

They had to:

We all do

At one time or another.

Good, bad, mediocre:

It’s all dust upon a mirror

.**The Gita says that mistakes belong to humans as dust on a mirror. 

© Dust On A Mirror 3.18.2010 Definitely Didactic; The Processes: Creative, Thinking, Meditative;   Arlene Corwin

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