Other People’s Stories 2010

Other People’s Stories

The radio is fatal.

I sit in bed, a glass of coffee, home-baked cake,

Listening to tale on tale – two lives that suck me in:

A Swedish man, his vacant past;

Memories that cast new shadows:

Polish…rescue… child… ghetto,

Only now remembering the sewer

Only now finding his mother,

Only now – two thousand ten. Then

What must have been

A scheduled error

Half an hour of the latest Nobel winner’s story:

Postwar Germans born Rumanians – a booty

Justified by Russian victors.

Distanced, cold, dispassionate.

Vomit, corpses, hunger, shit.

Is there a stronger than horrific?

Side by side, two programs

As I sip my coffee, pick at cake,

Mindlessly licking my fork,

Sick-cieties playing at games

That woo a doomsday closing in.


© Other People’s Stories 3.22.2010 Our Times, Our Culture; Small Stories Book;   Arlene Corwin


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