Another Realization 2010

Another Realization

You are the stillness that gives energy.

Oxymoron, yes?

That’s my hypothesis.

If there is cause of cause of cause

– effects, of course –

You are the first. That’s my hypothesis.

If cause always produces chains,

Produces always chains,

Produces chains all ways

This energy

May always be,

Never losing mileage the entire way.

Pattern, law,

Matter, form,

According to the laws of cause.

This is the place my logic falls,

In a place where logic fails.

 Now me,

My form and energy.

An elongation of these two.

I know my form is molecule

And maybe something tinier

With energy the core;

Core energy to form to power:

I’m energy.

I start and end with You, somehow.

This is a sudden insight

That will never convince anyone

But me myself.


© Another Realization 5.22.2010 Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic;   Arlene Corwin




People Smoke A Joint Because 2010

People Smoke A Joint Because/one of my practice poems

 People smoke a joint because

It calms them down,

It makes them laugh.

The symmetry of mediocrity’s

Conventions flee.

It also makes them hungry.

Answers come, and often laughter

Is the payoff.

Groups ingested LSD

To see more beauty,

Dig into the new

Change patterns that were old in mind,

Find truths that were not there to find,

Break down, build up

And sip the cup

Of everything there is to sip.

People drink because they are

More able to shift gears,

Take risks,

Lose fears.

The problem is to lay off.

Get it? Payoff. layoff?

I liked that.


People Smoke A Joint Because 5.25.2010 Circling Round Energy; Revelations Big & Small;   Arlene Corwin

 Started 2008





You Out There 2010

      You Out There

You out there, me in here,

Equals, souls.

You, who never make an error,

I, who make them everyday,

Coupled by the speed of thought,

You sought, me not.

Or am I wrong?

Both souls, you there

And me in here. Me here

And you out there.

©You Out There 5.4.2010 God Book; To the Child Mystic;  Arlene Corwin

Plenty of Warning 2010


Plenty of Warning

Days provide the warning,

Time the mourning.

Do we see it?

Do we take it thoughtfully?

I do not think so. Pompous of me,

Maybe. I didn’t, until recently.

I learned about it in the sixties.

Heard more in the seventies.

Was busy in the eighties

Straightening my life out.

In the nineties, well, I can’t say what –

But now, I’m certain that

The warnings are for real:

Real near, I fear.

© Plenty Of Warning 5.2.2010 Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin






I Like the Numbers 2010

I Like the Numbers

I like to see them piling up

Verse on verse,

Page on page,

Books on days

And volumes filling

Shelf and library.

Don’t ask me why –

This inclination lies

Deep in, out there



©I Like The Numbers 5.15.2010 A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Numbers Book;  Arlene Corwin


Faith Is Night 2010

Faith Is Night

It sounds trite:


Faith is night,

And traveling in the night

Needs balls – and resignation.

Then again,

On thinking twice,

I’ve often noticed nice

Things happen –

And then faith is light.


© Faith Is Night 5.15.2010  A Sense Of The Ridiculous; To The Child Mystic; Defiant Doggerel;   Arlene Corwin


Three Things I Do Not Want 2010

Three Things I Do Not Want

I do not want to be:

Abstruse, symbolic, esoteric.

I’m the concrete mystic.

Everything I write or say

Is clear to me.

The ambiguity you feel is you.

I know it’s all a point of view:


Bystanders who see the crash:

Back and forth discrepancies,

Contradictions, crash/clash.

So, the unanimity I want

I don’t

Expect, except

From those who share my flash

Of vision.


© Three Things I Do Not Want 5.2.2010  Circling Round Reality;  Arlene Corwin



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