Another Realization 2010

Another Realization

You are the stillness that gives energy.

Oxymoron, yes?

That’s my hypothesis.

If there is cause of cause of cause

– effects, of course –

You are the first. That’s my hypothesis.

If cause always produces chains,

Produces always chains,

Produces chains all ways

This energy

May always be,

Never losing mileage the entire way.

Pattern, law,

Matter, form,

According to the laws of cause.

This is the place my logic falls,

In a place where logic fails.

 Now me,

My form and energy.

An elongation of these two.

I know my form is molecule

And maybe something tinier

With energy the core;

Core energy to form to power:

I’m energy.

I start and end with You, somehow.

This is a sudden insight

That will never convince anyone

But me myself.


© Another Realization 5.22.2010 Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic;   Arlene Corwin




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