It Will Happen To You 2010

It Will Happen To You

It happened yesterday

Moments of the dark night.

Mystics know about it.

Saint John of the Cross, Theresa,

Milarepa, Ramakrishna.

Meaninglessness, emptiness,

The psyche says depress.

It’s summer. All the best shows cease.

Isn’t that ridiculous?



Maybe. Partly. Hardly.

Deeper than the molecule in any case.

A thought that sees

Illusion, passing hollowness.

I didn’t cling

But let it go and mentioned it to Kent.

It went.

I seized upon ideas to glue

Myself to You,

Invisible as always.

But as usual –

The one remaining thing to do.

© It Will Happen To You 6.9.2010  I Is Always We Is You; To The Child Mystic; God Book;   Arlene Corwin



Once You’ve Had A Vision 2010

Once You’ve Had A Vision

It’s all of interest.

Once you had a vision

It’s all grist-for-the-mill

To grind and use at will.


© Once You’ve Had A Vision 6.9.2010 Revelations Big & Small;   Arlene Corwin


In Our Time 2010

In Our Time

Daughters in-law

Cheerless in their marriages,

Are splitting up.


Of marriages;

Barren women, men and children,

Humanity, civilization –

The world over.

What’s the answer?


© In Our Time 6.3.2010Our Times, Our Culture; Love Relationships;Arlene Corwin

What Is 2010

What Is

A point of light

And inside love.

Knowledge that we cannot know

And knowledge that we do.

What is

A thing whose energy itself is

Bliss – for us the height of happiness –

Peace and mercy –

Mercy even when the thing looks bad;

And power that is always made,

Can never end,

And light that’s conscious –

That’s the best – the consciousness.

It can’t be born.

It never is.

It cannot die.

It never does.

It doesn’t do

And yet

It is itself a giver,

Right down to its unexisting liver.

Who is what is who?

I do not know.

Incorporeal entitled to big I.

Not born, not dying,

Always pleased no matter what.

An ocean fountain streaming virtue,

I’ll go back to that.

It is the only thing that’s true.


© What Is 6.6.2010  Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality; To The Child Mystic; God Book;  Arlene Corwin

Windy Morning 2010

Windy Morning

Leaves dancing,

Birch trunks slim,

A family communing,

Swaying synergistically.

Strong in their weakness,

They don’t break or crack.

They yield and give.

They live.

My powers of observation checked,

There is no sound indoors.


© Windy Morning 6.1.2010 Circling Round Nature;   Arlene Corwin



Was Neitzsche Right? 2010

Was Neitzsche Right?

Think bad, good, harmful, helpful and

We’ve reached a point where science can manipulate

The gene in cell.

We’re doing well, you’d think.

But there are hacker kids

In bedrooms – boys,

Manipulating DNA to tease the brain,

For fun and gain,

And scientists, the guys who know

But who, since human

House self-interest, greed and patience

(All the vices and the virtues)

Who can wait a long, long time.

Here’s a little germ, a cell,

Which some experimental nerd maneuvers,

Lo! Two darling tiny-saurs.

Cute! A sweet mutation,

And we’re off to reproduce and clone

Through evil, good and ignorance.

Off and running backwards

In a race to who survives.

One day somewhere, in untold years from there,

We knock them off.

A satellite well-bomb-equipped.

They’re gone. We’re here.

Dispersed, no wheels, no laboratory

(the whole world a lavatory)

Time to start again with myths

And memories and legends.

Time to start all over.


© Was Neitzsche Right? 5.24.2010 A Sense Of The Ridiculous; Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

Hurrying 2010


All these –urryings.

Hurry-, scurry-, worrying.

The day is May, the kitchen step half-comfortable,

The coffee in my palm a satisfaction and

A prefix to the day at hand.

The only righteous thing to do

Is sit

And finish it.

A funny speckled fly beside me

(red and yellow eyes are funny)

Water-filled step indentation his own cup

Looks up,

Drinks too.

The point is to

Slow down.


© Hurrying 5.27.2010  Nature Of & In Reality;  Arlene Corwin



Bubble 2010


This time it’s Sweden;

TV, radio;

Children little monkeys used to

Standing in the queue

For their one hour of fame,

Back to their villages

To try again

The next audition.

Queues not in the hundreds

But the thousands

To sing, dance or play

In some perverted way

For shows called Idol, Star,


Name those grownup men can think of

To give life to fantasies

That lead to what can never be:

Eternal adoration. Poor small exploitees.


© Bubble 5.28.2010 Circling Round Vanities; Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

Ascetic Youth 2010

Ascetic Youth

When I was young and immature

I took a no as absolute.

It’s in my nature.

Not quite understanding that

A no implies alternatives,

I lacked perspective.

Who looked for alternatives,

A complement, a supplement?

I gave myself deficiencies of every sort – no doubt.

The diet that said don’t drink milk,

Did not say don’t get calcium.

Who knew?

The wrong side of obedience

Is ignorance.

So I’m thinking,

That’s how despots do their thing.


© Ascetic Youth 6.1.2010 I Is Always We Is You; Pure Nakedness;   Arlene Corwin




Dear Mr. Obama 2010

 Dear Mr. Obama

Dear Mister Obama,

President of the United States

(this for readers of two thousand-fifty)

What is it that stopped you acting

Seconds after BP dribbled, spilled and gushed

Into the Gulf, Louisiana’s precious water,

Shrimp, crab, fish and alligator,

Restaurant and resident,

Each unconnected element?


False information?

Wasn’t there

Some angel on your shoulder

To propel you into action?

You have pectorals and biceps all in uniform

At your disposal.

Don’t say money? That would be too, too banal.

I voted for you.  I’m your friend.

This, no poison pen,

I wanted you – but now?

What’s stopped, what’s stopping you?

For goodness’ sake,

The planet waits.


©Dear Mr Obama, 5.30.2010 Our Times, Our Culture;   Arlene Corwin

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