Never To Be Photographed Again 2010

     Never To Be Photographed Again

Parties, crowds have changed their tone:

I won’t be photographed again.

Even makeup doesn’t help.

I need the light, the angle right.

I’m such a kvetch*. I never was.

A smile that lit the face.

A jaw clean, cheekbone smooth,

But now, around the mouth

A darkness – the old lady syndrome.

Waiting to burst forth:

Hairs, black or white,

Like clothesline twine or angel hair so fine

That sharpest tweezers cannot grasp.

Unclasp this poem.

The only thing it has is rhythm.

Self-esteem and narcissism

Is the crime:

Words of vanity that end in m.


Yiddish: chronic complainer

© Never To Be Photographed Again 6.24.2010 Circling Round Vanities; A Sense Of The Ridiculous;  Arlene Corwin 


Rising Expectations 2010

      Rising Expectations

They rise: the expectations in

Expansion’s law.

We keep expecting more (and more)

Until we cross the line one day

And prospects go the other way.

What is the opposite of expectation?

Not expecting anything –

Accepting without hoping.



© Rising Expectation 6.9.2010 Circling Round Reality; Nature Of & In Reality;  Arlene Corwin 





The Pair 2010

The Pair

They modify each other,

He her, she him.

Glowingly, they function.

She, the active one,

He a little lazy

(which is what he told me)

He restrains, she nudges;

Share the reins of action.

Soft demands while holding hands.

She relaxed,

He takes the pick and axe and digs.

They’re gardening gardenia love.

My husband says, correcting me,

“It seems to work”.

I say, “It’s working. I can see.

My senses tell me

That the tender, friction-free two people

Having lunch, are happy,

He, setting his seal of calm,

She, reshaping, forming him.

I’m willing to risk all I have

The pair will weather time.


© The Pair 6.18.2010

Love Relationships; Special People, Special Occasions ;(E&Å);  Arlene Corwin



They’re All Agreed 2010

          They’re All Agreed

They’re all agreed –

It’s very, very quiet there.


or out or maybe inA space so hidden

That it is a twin

To so-called outer space

Where it is very, very quiet

In the place where

It is all created:

All the synchronistic sequences

That take the meaning

Out of chaos.

I read that they ‘re all agreed,

And I’m afraid

A little,

Which just shows that I’m not ready.


© They’re All Agreed 6.13.2010 Revelations Big & Small; To The Child Mystic; Pure Nakedness;  Arlene Corwin 



Ron’s Back 2010

    Ron’s Back

Ron was missing.

Years somewhere

In worlds of wine, the phone,

Email – quite, quite alone

In worlds of doubt

And memories about

Times running ‘round

Where sounds of glory

Drowned in cigarettes and vodka…

Ron is back. His story


A locked-inside-the-vine-gone-Ron

Is back from hell he didn’t know was hell,

To friends who wish him well,

A spell of possibilities,

Clear as a bell,

And worlds where time itself will tell.

© Ron’s Back 7.24.2010  Special People, Special Occasions; Arlene Corwin


A Little Story Of Self Knowledge 2007

When I was little – very little

I sensed I behind the eye.

I knew there was an I Observing

What went on before me.

With my getting bigger,

Came the lessening of IBehind the eye,

The witness more and more


Even then, I sometimes felt my eye

Through intuition,

But let dying happen;

Traced the loss as if there were

An I that knew

That one must go

Through stages,

Without choosing where and which.

Where was free will?

And where control?

And to what end?

To understand my fellow man,

My fellow beings and myself,

Loving all, becoming one

With star and sun?

As long as thought remains,

It tells me that the play is still in action –

Not yet done.

© A Little Story Of Self Knowledge 12.16.2007
Small Stories Book; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin

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