A Little Story Of Self Knowledge 2007

When I was little – very little

I sensed I behind the eye.

I knew there was an I Observing

What went on before me.

With my getting bigger,

Came the lessening of IBehind the eye,

The witness more and more


Even then, I sometimes felt my eye

Through intuition,

But let dying happen;

Traced the loss as if there were

An I that knew

That one must go

Through stages,

Without choosing where and which.

Where was free will?

And where control?

And to what end?

To understand my fellow man,

My fellow beings and myself,

Loving all, becoming one

With star and sun?

As long as thought remains,

It tells me that the play is still in action –

Not yet done.

© A Little Story Of Self Knowledge 12.16.2007
Small Stories Book; Pure Nakedness;

Arlene Corwin

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