Linnea Is Dying 2010

Linnea Is Dying  Noon June 29,2007

Linnea is dying.

We will honor her

By penning on the hands of Time.

A morphined sleep,

The morphined comfort a reward

In tumored head,

God leading.

We will honor her with poetry –

The written word

A record

For Eternity.

Memories and memory to honor her,

This excellent mother;

Before name is on that stone,

A paper honor of her own.


We must honor even it,

The quiet sleep away from life.

Perhaps she goes to heaven’s secrets;

Maybe to return.


Higher than all sentiment,

Than tears;

Word’s love expression.


Dying –

Never dead.


Linnea Is Dying 07.6.07 Birth, Death & In Between; Circling Round Time; Mother Book;    Arlene Corwin

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